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Dr. Lisa Leit’s Suggestions for How to Get Your Power Back During a Pandemic

COVID-19 is one of the most devastating events the world has ever experienced. We are all experiencing stress in one form or another. Have you noticed that your work habits, relationships, or self-esteem are continuously being affected? Dr. Lisa Leit, PhD, MCC founder of Happy Whole Human (HWH) relates, “ Right now experts are observing and theorizing how this will affect people financially and socially long-term. Many households suffered as one or both job holders lost their primary sources of income, and schools shut-down with no stable long-term plans in place. Then, when lockdown orders went into effect, it led to an increase in domestic violence.”

So how can we regain our power back after being powerless for so long?

Dealing with this kind of upheaval in so many aspects of our lives can leave us with a lot of residual worry and stress, and it’s not quite over yet.  Most mental health experts agree that one of the best ways to deal with these feelings is to talk to a certified counselor, and as a last resort, medication can be used to overcome some of the more physical aspects. Dr. Leit adds, “ I would like to put forward the idea of applied neuroscience, in other words, how to change or transform how people think, feel, and act.” Dr. Leit continues, “In psychology, it was initially believed that there were stages of development that we all go through and that at a certain age our brain was completely developed, unable to make very many significant changes. However, it is now believed that we can rewire or change our brains to be more flexible in stressful situations. The reason I raise this subject is that these changes are long lasting. People are able to change their deeply ingrained, fear-based cyclical thinking patterns where everything is a worst-case scenario.” This is something HWH is able to  assist companies and individuals with, using coaching, questioning, mind and thought management holistic tools, hypnosis to overcome subconsciously held obstacles, and recurring assessments. Which is why we have been so successful in changing the lives of individuals within the corporate climate.”

Happy Whole Human (HWH) can help you reclaim your power

Dr. Leit’s process in dealing with stress and trauma has produced great results for individuals and couples, as well as large-scale corporations. She states, “Everything we do at HWH is meant to help the individual be the best version of themselves, so they can be a better partner and a better member of the community. Because we know without a doubt stress can affect brain function, we want to work on rewiring the brain or retraining it to be more resilient. There are several ways to go about this, but one technique people don’t often consider is hypnosis or hypnotherapy.” She goes on to describe this method, “Our brain is performing so many functions at once, some we are conscious of and others we are not. It’s my opinion that the subconscious is something we often neglect. We usually discuss the thoughts we are aware of and then try to reconcile them through therapy or with friends, but on the inside we just repeat the same negative thought patterns until they eventually sabotage any progress we were making.” 

Neuroscience is the key

Dr. Leit’s expert opinion is that in order to properly deal with post traumatic stress, we need to refocus our energy. She goes on to explain, “We at HWH believe in creating a plan that addresses people’s stress and trauma in a holistic manner. We need to re-energize our mind and body and focus on progress and possibility.” Dr. Leit assures us, “HWH can help you restructure your life and support you in organizing your goals.” We can assist individuals get the resources they need and provide proven methods of treatment that lead to lasting healthy lifestyle changes. We can help you learn how to  protect yourself from stress and come to your own realizations regarding past events and the state of events currently.” She ends by stating, “The studies on neuroscience are so hopeful! I love HWH Institute Faculty member Dr. Justin Kennedy’s work on Rebooting the Brain for example. It gives us so much We can change, and it’s truly amazing. There is a way to properly deal with stress and trauma in a way that will actually make us more resilient. We can revamp ourselves to release stuck and stored trauma from our bodies and nervous systems so that we can be more present and confident in meeting the challenges of the present moment with ease – and get our power back.” 

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