Camo Tha GOAT is the Inspiration we All Need

What do you do if you don’t want a traditional 9 to 5 and just really want to do what you love? Camo Tha GOAT, a videographer and record label owner, has chosen to follow this path from the very beginning and at just twenty-four years old, he is a CEO. “I wanted to follow my passions and take care of myself and my family. Running my business allows me to do that,” Camo says. 

He is an impressive self-taught business owner, videographer, record label owner, and influencer; he prides himself on building his business from the ground up. His brand, Goat Me Up is actually the blanket business for his videography, label, and event planning services. “We can throw a party or a show and it is so fun. No one can match our energy,” Camo smiles.

All of his success he credits his hard work and his support system. Getting to do what you love makes life rewarding and provides you with the experience of enjoying your life instead of dreading your job. “This definitely gets me out of bed in the morning. I love what I do so much and my team and I keep looking for ways to expand this business and make it better. It’s a lot of fun and it’s very rewarding,” he says.

With expansion comes growth and Camo is looking to do the most in the next five years. “I put in so much work that all I see is growth and it’s something that I expect to go farther in time,” he says. Sometimes the things we want in life require a lot of work, but it’s so rewarding to be in control of your job and life. “I did a lot over the years to get to this point and there isn’t a day that goes by that shows I don’t deserve what I’ve built,” Camo smiled. “Over the next five years, I only expect growth.”

Since 2012, Camo has been teaching himself videography and working on his skills in other areas for his brand and business. The Chicago native is completely self-taught and if doesn’t know the answer he will find it. “I want to be the greatest of all time and that requires effort on my part, you know? So, I make sure that no one can say I didn’t earn this.”

Camo Tha Goat is also known as Cory Thompson. His background is diverse, with so many successful endeavours, his skill set is broad as he works in different industries as a creative force. He’s best known for his hit TV web series, The Generation which originally aired on Youtube and reached over 10 million views and counting (2012-2014). Camo started creating videos in 2012 because of his older brother. Around that time, Camo was an aspiring rapper, before he found out video directing was his given talent. Cory and his brother had a friendly competition editing the same exact video; he lost the competition, which sparked the fire in him to become one of the best. Shortly after this, Camo was inspired by a hit television show to create his own, along with Thomas Conley. By using platforms like Facebook and Twitter, this helped to mold the cast for The Generation. When the first episode of The Generation aired it reached over 10,000 views, giving him the attention of several Chicago artists like, 147 Calboy Moneybagg Yo GHerbo, Neil Gang, Stunt Taylor, Big Sexy, DLow Lil Kemo, and more. In 2018, he created Goat Me Up, which is a visual platform to clout up talented individuals worldwide with their talents.

With his experience in web television, he has branched out into directing and filming. His current videography business is gaining popularity and traffic as he continues to put his art out there. His YouTube channel is where you can find most of his videos and completed projects. Most of his videography includes music videos, promotional videos, short films, weddings, concerts, and many others.

“I really want my brand to last, I work really hard to promote and build it up. This has been a process from the very beginning,” Camo says. “I have 56,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 13 million views. My Instagram has over 10k views and my Facebook has over 4,000 fans. Even with these numbers, there are still going to be obstacles, but I just keep going. That’s what we do.”

Camo Tha GOAT does a lot, but it shows that he loves what he does and cares about his business and his brand. “I chose this and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. No one can take this away from me and I am very grateful for the support I’ve had along the way,” he says.